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Jean-Daigle Center

Ville d'Edmundston


Education, sports and leisure


Ville d'Edmundston


Edmundston, New-Brunswick / Canada




18.65 M$


10 400 m.c.


Ronam-Lainco team

3d images ©ABCP architecture


The Jean-Daigle Center is a large-scale contemporary infrastructure in the city of Edmundston, New-Brunswick, where events can be held as much as sporting activities. The amphitheater is designed to present high-caliber productions, requiring higher reception capacities, while using the same infrastructure to present elite level hockey games. This type of sports infrastructure, including a high-performance scenographic production environment, was missing in the Edmundston area since the demolition of the former arena. In addition, the location of this public building, on a prominent site in the heart of the city, serves to drive the economic development of the region while meeting the needs of the large pool of student population that is grouped since 2012 on this same site.

The amphitheater has an ice rink that meets the requirements of the NHL (85 'x 200') and also the technical specifications required by Hockey Canada, representing several elite leagues in Quebec and New Brunswick. It will also be used for sporting events related to novice, junior, university, national and international hockey. The fixed and retractable stands accommodate more than 2,350 spectators in hockey mode. In show mode, the surface of the ice rink becomes a stage floor that can accommodate more than 3,680 spectators.